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Play the newest bowling game HyperBowling! HyperBowling is all about hitting the luminous targets on the tracks and then the pins. No matter how good or bad your first throw is, you always have a chance to make a come back and win, no matter what!

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Hit the target, hit the pins

The fundamentels of HyperBowling is 'HIT THE TARGETS, HIT THE PINS'! The setup is simple, you only throw once and try to hit the luminous targets and then the pins to score points. You can choose from four different games, all of which are becoming increasingly difficult due to new levels and challenges.

Everyone can play and win

If you play Hyperbowling, you play on a real bowling alley. But sometimes it looks like a video game. It's not just about hitting the pins, but you also score points via luminous targets along the lane. Are you hitting the right targets? Then you increase your scores!


For anyone who wants to try HyperBowl.

Hyperbowl Pro

For everyone who is already familiar with HyperBowling and is looking for something more challenging.


The perfect game for couples, groups and colleagues. You compete with each other in a team and you try to gain as much 'ground' as possible.


Perfect as an introduction to HyperBowling. Especially families with children like HyperActive because a lot is happening on the lanes and therefore you score points faster.