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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Claus Bowling.

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  • What are the COVID-19 measures at Claus Bowling?
      To guarantee the safety of our guests and employees, we maintain the following rules:
      • Maximum of 5 people on 1 bowling lane.
      • In an hour of bowling, the playing time is 55 minutes. With 2 hours of bowling, the playing time is 1 hour and 55 minutes.
      • If you have health problems, you are obliged to cancel your reservation.
      • When entering, we always do a health check.
      • With reservations for a table in our fifties diner and with combi package, we always adhere to the 1.5 meter measure and we place tables and guests 1.5 meters apart.
      • All reservations are currently subject to change.
  • What is Hyperbowling?
      Hyperbowling is a complete new bowling experience that takes bowling to a new level. The game is played on a physical bowling lane, yet it feels more like a video game. Aim for the moving targets first, before hitting the pins. Each colorful target is worth a different multiplier value that doubles or even triples your score. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1.600 points!
      Four different games provide a variety of exciting challenges. Hyperbowling is the perfect blend of bowling and gaming which makes it more active than regular bowling.
  • Can we place the fences / bumpers on the tracks ourselves?
      When you put the names in the computer, you can also choose to put up the fenceses / bumpers.
  • How many people are allowed to play on one lane?
      A maximum of 5 people may play on one lane. Are you with more than 5 people then you are obliged to rent another lane.
  • From what age can you go bowling?
      Children from 6 years old can come and play bowling. We have special dragons on the courts that help the smallest kids to throw a ball. In addition, you can choose to raise the bumpers on the tracks so that no balls roll into the gutter.
  • What do you offer vegetarian guests?
      We have various vegetarian snacks on our bites menu, f.i. our strike & snack can be ordered completely vegetarian. Some of our packages include a vegetarian option, including The Big Hit, The Bigger Hit, Bowling Party and Bowl & Burger.
  • Do you also serve halal dishes and / or snacks?
      Yes, in addition to our vegetarian dishes, the chicken nuggets and chicken thighs are halal prepared. Next to that, it is possible to order halal burgers on request. We would like to hear this 2 days in advance so that we can take this into account.
  • Do you take a gluten allergy, lactose intolerance or other allergies into account?
      We always take guests who eat gluten-free or are intolerant into account. We are happy to get notified about dietary requirements when booking, so that we can provide a suitable alternative on time.
  • Am I allowed to bring my own food or drinks?
      You are not allowed to consume your own food and drinks.
  • In addition to drinks, can I also order snacks while bowling?
  • What are bowling etiquette?
      1. Be ready to bowl when the pins are set, but wait until the pin setting machine has completed its cycle and the bar is up again.
      2. Yield to the bowler to your right if you’re both up at the same time.
      3. Stay off the approach while you wait but be ready to take your turn. Don’t make everyone wait.
      4. Respect your lane’s boundaries and don’t cross into other bowler’s approach areas.
      8. Play the game to win, but be a gracious loser.
  • I'm wearing flip flops, do you have socks for in the bowling shoes?
      Yes, you can buy a pair of socks for 50 cents at the reception.