HyperBowling: the new bowling sensation!

HyperBowling combines the ultimate bowling pleasure with new software, futuristic interfaces and lights, creating a bowling experience that has never been seen before.

HyperBowling is a new set of bowling games designed around an innovative, new bumper system, which is meant to be used as part of the game. Everyone can play and win, because every shot counts every time - no more ‘gutter balls’! The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit or avoid.

Colorful targets on the bumpers are each worth a different multiplier value (2X, 3X, etc.) and each pin knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1.600 points!

Discover HyperBowling now in Claus Bowling! 


You can play and win! Try it out!


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