Best birthday party: bowling at Claus!

A kid’s birthday party becomes a real party at Claus Bowling! The kids are spoiled with ice cream, music or disco, a lot of fun and of course bowling! There are special lightweight bowling balls available so that they can easily knock down the pins. If they have not yet mastered the art of throwing then the bowling bumpers can be installed. Always a hit!

If besides bowling, you want to spoil your kids even more. Our external partner Kids Party Planner organizes personalized and unforgettable festive events for children in the best themes. A tough superheroes party or a princess party with the most beautiful dresses. They have everything you need for a fantastic afternoon. They provide decoration and stage settings, high-profile activities, meet & greets with familiar characters and the realization of extraordinary wishes. We will throw a birthday party you will never forget. Additionally this partner provides a multilingual and reliable 24/7 Nanny service. Ask our receptionists for more information.

For questions or reservations please call us on +3123 55 600 50

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